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Samsung Galaxy S8 duo shatters pre-order records in Korea

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ shatters pre-order records in its home country - more than 550,000 units were booked in two days. That's more than 5 times the S7 pre-orders (around 100,000) and nearly triple what the Galaxy Note7 got (200,000, a record in itself).

Pre-orders will last until April 17 (by then the number may reach a cool million) and there are a whopping 3,000 stores across the country carrying the S8. Samsung sweetened the pot by offering a free Bluetooth speaker or a KRW 400,000 gift card. An official from a local store reports that 80%-90% of visitors were there to pre-order the new Galaxy flagship. Surprisingly, the ratio of Galaxy S8 and S8+ orders seems even - usually, the smaller unit gets more attention. Still, there's pent-up demand for a large-screen device since the Note7 went off the market. The 6GB/128GB version is also enjoying high demand, says a Samsung official.

samsung-galaxy-s8 preorders-in-2-days That's the news from South Korea, on the world stage Samsung plans to beat the sales of the Galaxy

S7, which moved 49 million units in a year, but no specific sales targets were given. Analysts expect around 13 million S8 phones to find their new owner in just the first month of availability.

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