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10 Efficient tools to Auto post to social media

Show me a blogger that doesn’t want traffic to their blog posts and I’ll show you a child that hates Candy. A lot of major blog owners will certainly inform you that running a successful blog equals to a full time job, but with a little automation, you can auto post to social media.
As blog writers, we all place a lot of effort into our article not just to develop our authority but to attract our target audience and also urge them to engage with our content.
Whether we want them to register for our email list, leave a comment or simply share our latest article with their friends and family, we all want to get as much exposure for our blog as we possibly can.
That is why no matter how difficult you work on  your article, you won't get really much without a little promotion. And the most effective means to attain this is to use the power of social media sites.
But, this is where most of us run into an issue.

After thinking of brand-new material suggestion, you need to develop a wonderful heading, develop photos for your post, regularly update your content, participate in a Twitter conversation or more, build your area ... and also the list goes on and on.
Sharing your blog posts is just one of the jobs on your checklist.you can create your content ahead of time and also schedule it for a few weeks ahead without you lifting a finger.
The good news is that you can.
Some of the very efficient tools to auto post blog contents are highlighted below:

1.      JetPack: WordPress Plugin   

       jetpack by wordpress
The free version of the plugin will certainly allow you auto post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, as well as a lot more. With its built in auto poster.

      2.  DlvrIt

Auto-post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media sites using RSS feeds.Surface, customize, and categorize content sources your audience will love. Deliver a constant flow of real-time engagement!Build the perfect sharing schedule or let dlvr.it intelligently feed content at the most optimal times based on research and best practices.      

      3.   Blogpros

This system will check your blog's feed for new content. If you've posted a new article, it will be alerted immediately so that it can begin promoting it on social media. This is the only automated part of the process.
Once you've posted an article, the system will see it and your post will be assigned to their team.It can promote as many new posts as you need, and it checks your blog regularly throughout the day to discover them quickly.
Next, it finds users on social media who may be interested in your content and encourage likes,tweets, and shares. Your post will be shared among a large general audience, and anybody who is interested in it will share it socially.
In less than 12 hours, you'll start to receive new shares on your blog post. Every share will be from a real person and will be from a different user every time. Your posts won't all be shared by the same group of people.

      4.  Blog2Social

 Blog2Social saves all the time and hassle for manually sharing your posts to social media profiles, pages and groups as well as multiple accounts on the following networks:
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • Pinterest
  • Tool
  • Google+ (accounts, web pages, teams)
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook (accounts, pages)
  • XING (profiles, web pages, teams)
  • Diigo
  • Instagram
  • Delicious
  • LinkedIn (profiles, pages)
  • Torial.
 You could crosspost or cross-promote your posts with private comments, hashtags or manages for even more visibility and engagment as well as individual touch.
You can post your photos to photo networks such as Pinterest, Flickr or Instagram. You could also re-publish your article to other blogging networks such as Medium or Tumblr.
With the new update, you can choose multiple networks for your social media sites sharing profiles, however you could also select other networks, for example if you have numerous Twitter accounts or several Facebook web pages you want to auto post to.

      5. Triberr

Triberr is a social network/community for blog writers. You could use it to get in touch and also build connections with influencers in your niche. You can create a set tribe of your own or join any kind of tribe there, all you have to do invest as little as 10-20 minutes a week tointeract as well as share the stuff to the tribemates.
This will certainly bring you on their radar, and they will certainly begin sharing your messages as well when they are online.
Triberr is RSS based, so if a person has placed you on auto post your articles get shared to their social media networks (Twitter, Facebook) as it is captured by the RSS reader in triberr.

      6.  SocialAdr

SocialAdr is just like other tweeting services like Justretweet. Right here you are expected to share other peoples posts, and they will share your posts. It works on a factor basis where you spend one factor (you earned by sharing other individuals's articles) for every share of your very own article.
It has one advantage that you can include various social media sites channels and not just Twitter. SocialAdr currently supports many networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ello among others.

      7.  HOOTSUITE

With Hootsuite having 10 million customers, there's no doubt that they are among one of the most preferred social media monitoring devices around.
This convenient device allows you take care of all elements of your social network activities such as:      

·         Posting & scheduling updates.
·         Sourcing appealing content.
·         Reacting to your followers.
·         Monitoring your progression with analytics.
Apart from the monitoring functionality, you can additionally collaborate with staff member by appointing jobs--a task could be developed right from within a stream (this is what displays social messages and mentions).
A variety of networks are sustained these  include:
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook.
  • Google+ (accounts only).
  • LinkedIn.
  • YouTube.
  • Instagram.
  • Foursquare.
  • WordPress.
  • Mixi (Japanese social networking service).
     Hootsuite additionally offers social media sites training through the Hootsuite University-- a series of lectures that feature ideal practices as well as suggestions from industry-leading brands, platforms as well as educators.
If you could show your know-how at the end of the program, you obtain a certificate that shows you are currently an accredited "Hootsuite Professional"

      8.  BUFFER


      Buffer is nearly the polar opposite of Hootsuite. You don't obtain such a vast array of attributes like buffer but you do get a cleaner and easier to use network.
One crucial thing to mention right here is another vital difference between both systems:
Where Hootsuite focuses on general social media sites monitoring which includes organizing,engaging as well as keeping an eye on-- Buffer simply focuses much more on the message scheduling side of things.
The concept behind Buffer is that you establish a schedule and also add posts to your "Buffer",after that blog posts will be arranged at the intervals you have selected.
You can connect  Buffer to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ as well as App.net.
Simplicity is just what makes Buffer such a terrific tool. It doesn't call for advanced training as well as there's only a little discovering contour included so it's easy to use and also self-explanatory.
Anyone can use this tool despite their social media abilities--you'll be able to set up social messages rapidly and access  fundamental coverage. Paid strategies add group collaboration, greater message restrictions as well as better analytics.
Here are a couple of crucial things to know:
Immediately post,re-publish, repost and also schedule your article to social media sites.  
This works just for publishing new blog posts and also will not benefit old blog posts/pages.
Today, the WP.me LINK shortener is utilized.
Edit auto share choice.
You might have added all connections, if you desire to deselect certain social accounts or do not want to auto-share your blog posts, you can click "Edit Publicize" under the "New Blog post" section and deselect the account.
You also have the choice to include a custom message which will show your updates. I advise you use this feature to raise the CTR of your article.
Social networks that need API such as Google+, Pinterest,  Instagram, LinkedIn Teams, and also Blogger are offered with a premium variation of the plugin.

      9.  Onlywire

     Onlywire is a remarkable tool for bookmarking your articles to virtually 30 sites at the same time without also a ingle click. All you have to do it obtain an account on the platform as well as add your blog site RSS to your account.
Onlywire is most likely the ideal complimentary option to automated social posting. It posts up to thirty networks for free, as well as up to 50 networks, and three RSS feeds (that implies three blogs) in paid setting.

      10. Viral Material Buzz

     Viral content buzz is co-founded by Ann Smarty, a household name for expert bloggers. Here you get the awesome service of getting shared by industry influencers alone. It works on a point basis, and it gives you points based on the followers you have on a social network. If you have 25000 followers on Twitter, it will give you some 5 points (approx.)
There are so many social sharing tools for automated promotion of blog posts. What is necessary is you must choose one that is power jam-packed and worth for money.
Spending a couple of bucks can do the task automatically and in a very effective method, there is no need losing time in hand-operated labour.


  1. Another efficient social media management tool which deserves a mention is DrumUp https://drumup.io/ . Give it a look, and if you like it, please include it in any future lists. Thanks!

    1. Thank you..I will ensure I include it in my update.