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FACT! Scientists have developed a cell phone screen material intended to repair its own scratches

If you drop your phone and the screen breaks, you usually have two alternatives: Get it repaired or replace the phone altogether.
                                      a cell phone screen material intended to repair its own scratches
Chemists at the University of California at Riverside have invented what could turn into a third choice: a phone screen material that can mend itself.

The scientists directed a few tests on the material, including its ability to repair itself from cuts and scratches. After they tore the material into two parts, it naturally sewed itself back together in less than 24 hours, Chao Wang, a scientist driving the self-healing material research, reveals to Business Insider.

The material, which can extend to 50 times its unique size, is made of a stretchable polymer and an ionic salt. It includes a unique sort of bond called a particle dipole cooperation, which is a force between charged particles and polar atoms. This implies that when the material breaks or has a scratch, the particles and atoms pull in to each other to mend the material.

This is simply the first time researchers have made a self-healing material that can conduct electricity, making it particularly valuable for use for cellphone screens and batteries, Wang says.

                                          a cell phone screen material intended to repair its own scratches

Some LG telephones, similar to the G Flex, as of now incorporate a similar material on its back covers that can recuperate scratches. In any case, this material can't conduct electricity, so makers can't utilize it as a phone screen material. Most telephone screens have a matrix of anodes underneath, and when you touch it, your finger (which is also conductive) finishes a circuit, telling the phone what to do.

Wang predicts this new self-mending material will be utilized for telephone screens and batteries by 2020.

The team will present its research at a Tuesday meeting of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific organization devoted to the study of chemistry.

"Self-healing materials may appear to be far away for genuine application, however I trust they will come out soon with cellphones," he said. "Inside three years, more self-mending items will go to market and change our regular day to day existence. It will make our cellphones achieve much better performance than what they can accomplish at this moment."

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