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Chat on Facebook and whatsapp messenger With Opera web Browser

Chat on Facebook and whatsapp messenger On Opera while browsing.

                         Chat on Facebook and whatsapp messenger while browsing

Opera has been dealing with an entire upgrade of its desktop browser for a couple of months. Codenamed "Reborn", which has Facebook and whatsapp messenger in it. The program is now accessible as a stable update. All Opera users can get the update automatically or manually by following these easy steps:

Goto MENU >>> About Opera >> Wait for Opera to download its update automatically


                                           Download HERE Manually

The most noticeable feature is its easy access to messaging apps, such as facebook and whatsapp messenger.While browsing you can open a pop-up window with your conversation lists and start chatting from your browser using the new sidebar.
These shortcuts are always visible on the Speed Dial homepage. Also, if you choose to pin the new sidebar, the shortcuts will stay available while you browse the web.
Many individuals still don't have a clue about that you can chat on Facebook and whatsapp Messenger right in your browser. So Opera will make these web interfaces more visible. I think many users are going to find it useful.
With respect to the new UI, I just started using it and it looks extraordinary on Windows.
The icons and Speed Dial designs are also new. And there’s a new dark mode if you like black toolbars.
Opera now has the same look on all platforms.Other sleek features of opera that makes it a formidable browser are as follows:

OPERA VPN : Free, unlimited, no subscription requiredEnhanced online privacy should be available to everyone. Opera VPN is built right into the Opera browser. You don’t have to download VPN extensions or sign up and pay for VPN services. Protect yourself online with Opera’s privacy features. Use a private window to leave no history, cookies or cache behind as you browse - especially useful on shared computers.

UPDATES : Opera automatically upgrades to the newest version, making sure you don't miss the latest stability and security improvements.

MALWARE PROTECTION : Opera's fraud and malware protection will immediately give you a big warning if you try to open a suspicious page that is blacklisted.To keep you safe, Opera will pre-emptively block insecure active content, like scripts or plug-ins, on secure pages you're viewing

Opera now feels more like Chrome. I hope you have fun chatting on Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger with the new Opera desktop browser.

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