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WhatsApp Just Added A New Feature To share/send All File Types Easily

This is good News for the lovers of WhatsApp being one of the most popular internet messaging apps on all devices today, its latest App version just arrived with a much needed feature.
Before now, we can send images, videos and GIFs to friends via WhatsApp. But now, that's not all. Users of Android and iOS will now be able to send files to their friends – including MP3s and PDFs – up to 100 MB.
This would certainly make things easier for people who want to use WhatsApp at work, to send files they would’ve previously had to send via email. 
You’ll also be able to select photos and videos to send via WhatsApp straight from the camera screen.

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The newest version of WhatsApp also groups together photos you're sent from one sender into an album.
The update should be available to download on iPhones and Androids now.
Also, the web and desktop client for WhatsApp would also allow sharing of all file formats.

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