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Google reveals the Android Excellence collection for Fall 2017

In addition to Google Play Awards, handed out yearly since spring 2016 to standouts across a dozen of Android apps and games categories, an Android Excellence program was unveiled a few months ago as another way for the overseers of the world’s top mobile operating system to recognize the platform’s, well, excellence.
                                           Android Excellence collections
According to Google’s introductory Android Developers Blog post, the new collections of exceptional Android apps and games include titles delivering “incredible user experiences”, taking advantage of many of El Goog’s “best practices”, and also featuring “great design, technical performance, localization, and device optimization.”

Google points out that the titles that made it to the list "are noteworthy for adopting the latest Android features." While this is clearly a fairly carefully curated list, Google has not organized the apps and games into a top ten -- at least it is not clear that the app and game (Onefootball -- Football Scores, and Asphalt 8: Airbourne) at the top of the list are considered by Google to be the best, as there is no accompanying editorial copy.

For Android users, the collections provide a great way to discover something new, as well as giving the opportunity to see whether your favorite apps and games are as highly regarded by Google.

Head over to Google Play to check out the Android Excellence Apps and Android Excellence Games.

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